Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scoreless Draw between Colorado and America

Last night the Rapids played Club America of Mexico in a friendly at the Dick. The game was scoreless despite America playing down a man for 2/3rds of the game. As you can tell from my lack of coverage I wasn't particularly interested in the game and didn't go. Club America isn't that interesting of an opponent. I can see them every weekend of the Mexican season on Spanish-language TV, and between Superliga, Interliga, and friendlies I have plenty of chances to see them in person if I wanted to.

I understand the marketing appeal form the Rapids perspective, one of Mexico's top teams in an area with a significant Mexican population. I'm not sure how much it appealed to existing Rapids fans (which, theoretically, they're also selling to) though. Most of the Rapids fans I know, which includes a number of die-hards, are more interested in the European leagues or the big South American leagues like Argentina. I'm all for the Rapids trying to get new fans, but I would have liked it better if this game had been paired with another friendly involving a team that targets more of the current Rapids fan base. I thought last year's combo of Everton and Tigris was great, and I'm disappointed that club America was the only game we get this year. I realize that a team like the Rapids with a smaller fan base can't attract teams like Real Madrid and Chelsea like other MLS teams are playing this summer, but I figured that a team like Fulham or Blackburn would be achievable. Arsenal should always be an option given that the Rapids owner, Stan Kroenke, is also the largest shareholder in Arsenal. Even if an EPL team is out of our reach there are a number of other possibilities in Europe. Top non Old Firm Scottish teams like Hearts or Aberdeen (where our new signing Jamie Smith spent last season), Dutch teams like Feyenoord, or German teams like Borussia Monchengladbach. Or even a strong South American team like River Plate or Boca Juniors would be a nice change from the same Mexican tours we see through the U.S. each summer.

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