Saturday, September 5, 2009

Conor Casey Update

Steven Goff is reporting that Casey did not go to Salt Lake City due to his wisdom tooth extraction but he is in good enough shape to play for the Rapids tonight. Hopefully he's good enough to start and add some continuity to a team that can use all they can get this week.

A decision will be made tomorrow on if he will join the Nats team for the midweek game in Trinidad & Tobago or not.


Anonymous said...

I think Conor needs to stay in Colorado if he is too "unfit" to play for country but can play for his team, well then he will always be unfit to wear those national colors.

He left his national team shorthanded after the 24 man roster was named, and in doing so showed he is unworthy of being named in the future.

Jason Maxwell said...

Or, what really happened:

Casey had emergency surgery to remove a wisdom tooth, couldn't train until Friday, and was told by Bob Bradley not to come to SLC because the lack of training time with the National team means he wouldn't have been used last night. Of course, since Casey has trained with the Rapids all season, he didn't need to train with his teammates this week and could still play with them last night.

But that's OK, you just keep believing what you want even if it has no basis in reality.