Friday, October 23, 2009

Playoff Scenarios For The Final Weekend

Colorado is in with:
  • a win
  • a draw and only one of DC, FCD, NE, and TFC winning
  • a loss by 1, FCD draws or loses, and 2 of DC, NE, and TFC losing
  • a loss by 2, FCD draws or loses, and DC, NE, and TFC losing

They also get in by finishing top 2 in the following tiebreakers (with the teams from the FCD/DC/NE/TFC group not involved losing)
  • Colorado-DC-FSL
  • Colorado-NE-FSL
  • Colorado-DC-FSL-NE
  • Colorado-Dallas-DC-FSL
  • Colorado-Dallas-DC-FSL-TFC

Or losing to FSL by only 1 goal gets them in through this tiebreaker:
  • Colorado-FSL-TFC

1 comment:

Jester said...

Bottom line = We need to win!

Even with a patch work line up, if the boys can't get up for this game they don't deserve to be there.