Monday, April 19, 2010

Rapids Defeat Rapids Wanna-Bes

A hot day in Commerce City came down to set pieces. While Colorado controlled much of the play they struggled to look like they were comfortable and didn't put the game away until the last few minutes.

4 goals, 3 PK's. The first was a call for a handball in the box that on review looks like a poor decision. At full speed (and the refs only get one shot at it) it was hard to tell though. Casey stepped up to give the Rapids an early lead.

The second was a clear PK. Pickens went into a tackle and got the man, not the ball. Poor marking from the Kimura-Wynne combo and DeRosario leveled the score.

The 3rd PK was probably not a strong call, but it wasn't incorrect. Casey got tangled up with the Toronto defender and was taken down in the box. Conor put away his second PK pf the game and the third of the season and also put away the game.

Between the TFC PK and the second Casey PK the game really changed on a Larentowicz free kick. Taken from a dangerous point outside the box the Ginger Ninja sent in a low ball that should have been stopped by the wall. For some reason Toronto's Designated Player, Julian De Guzman, decided to jump 3 feet left from his point in the wall. Larentowicz's shot went right to where he used to be and right on past inside the near post to give the Rapids the lead. At that point the fire went out of the Canucks. The Casey PK just allowed the Rapids to relax too.

My key to the game was midfield dominance, and it was better, but still needs work. The Rapids still struggled to consistently move the ball from the back to the strikers up front. Still with 4 defenders and 4 holdings minds in Toronto's starting lineup it was always going to be a struggle.

Other Observations:
  • Out of the 28 players who played in this game, 19 of them have appeared in a league match for the Rapids. Obviously the 14 who played for the Rapids yesterday, but Nick LaBrocca, Ty Harden, Jacob Peterson, Dan Gargan, and Adrain Cann all played for Toronto yesterday after having spent time in Colorado.
  • Jamie Smith looked better this week as he took the starting role from Ballouchy. There's still work to be done but a step in the right direction.
  • Casey had his best game of the season. Not only did he get the two PK goals but he was making runs and setting up his teammates well.
  • Pablo did a good job at breaking up the Toronto attack. his passing left much to be desired though.
  • Drew Moor looks good. Every time I thought TFC was getting something started, Moor would be there to break it up.
  • Danny Earls is getting more involved in the attack, and its worrying the defenders in front of him. He and Clark are starting to click and right backs in the league should be concerned.
  • Koz looked OK, but he's clearly not working well with his new teammates in Wynne and Smith. I don't know if its just going to take time or if the team is moving away from where Kimura fits in.
Player of the Game: Jeff Larentowicz. Besides the nice goal he was much more active, especially in the second half, and took steps to help with the linking issue.

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