Sunday, May 2, 2010

Earthquakes Leave Rapids Calling Mayday!

This week's game looked much like last week's game, except last week two of our midfielders scored and this week they didn't.

The Rapids came out in the same 4-5-1 lineup from last week, and once again it helped their possession game. Unfortunately Colorado could not convert the possession into goals. San Jose would take advantage by scoring against the run of play, with some help form the refs. Chris Wondolowski either beat the offside trap barely or was a half a step offside, took a ball out wide, and pinged it off the crossbar and into the net past Matt Pickens. A great shot, but helped by the flag not going up on a very close decision. The Rapids had a hard time generating shots the rest of the match. Colorado outshot San Jose 12-8, but they only forced Cannon to make two saves, one form Danny Earls and one from Wells Thompson. That was their downfall as the Rapids could not find a way to break through and lost a game they probably deserved to get a point from.

My key to the game was midfield dominance, and it wasn't as strong as last week it was still an improvement from the early season play. Dominance is nothing without goals though.

Other Observations:
  • Colorado is now tied for 2nd in the West and 3rd overall. We're 6 points behind LA already, which makes Wednesday's game a big one to not fall 9 points back.
  • Colorado finally gave up a goal form the run of play, our first this season.
  • Kimura may have reached the end of his rope. He had a hard time syncing up with the rest of his team.
  • Ballouchy regressed somewhat this week. His passes weren't bad, but there was no spark like last week.
  • Wells Thompson over Colin Clark? Thompson has been playing well, but Clark is the long-term solution at left mid. There's no reason not to play him if he's not injured.
  • I don't get the subs. Defender for defender down 1-0. Young attacker for our best offensive threat over the last two seasons down 1-0. The Lopez on with only 15 minutes to gel with the team. If anything those subs should have been reversed.
  • That said, good to see Lopez finally playing. Hopefully he can work up to a starting spot.
  • Casey had moments, but needs to do more if he wants to go to the WC.
  • Worst game we've seem from Cummings in a long time. That will happen from time to time, but its disappointing nobody stepped up.
  • I'm glad the small fields of San Jose and Kansas City are in the rear view mirror for the season, barring a playoff matchup. It really changes the style of play, and not in a good way for Colorado.
Player of the Game: Pablo Mastroeni. Back to back MOTMs, for completely different reasons. Last week he got it for his game winning goal. This week he gets it for locking down the defense and stopping any serious San Jose attacks.

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