Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rapids Dealing With The Draft

As expected in today's expansion draft the Rapids lost Anthony Wallace as he was selected by Portland. What wasn't expected is what happened next. The Rapids sent allocation money to Portland and got Wallace back. Great move by the club. We're not exactly known for going out and spending allocation money to sign big international players, so this is just as good of a use of the money. Now out starting XI from MLS Cup is intact going into next season.

Colorado wasn't done though, as they traded an international player slot to Vancouver for Sanna Nyassi, who Vancouver had just taken from Seattle in the expansion draft. With the green cards for Cummings, Kandji, and Kimura and the trade of Baudet and Earls the Rapids only had two internationals on the roster, so we had a surplus of international slots. In Nyassi we get a young (21) attacking midfielder. Nyassi is Gambian and has played for the Gambian U-20 team. Mac Kandji last week declared that he would represent Gambia as well (he could have also chosen Senegal) so we've got a small Gambian influence on the team now.

This was another good move by the Rapids. Kandji blew out his ACL scoring the winning goal in MLS Cup, so anything we get out of him in 2011 will be a bonus. Nyassi plays the wing but can also push up, he scored both goals in Seattle's Open Cup Final win this season. That is similar to how we used Kandji this year.

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Schmicker said...

I think Nyassi is going to be a wild card for you guys. For the first two years in Seattle (1/2 in USL and 1.5 in MLS), he was nothing more than a "dribble with your head down and try to beat defenders" guy. I didn't think he would ever get it. Then once he scored his goal his confidence soared and he played a lot better. Still, there are red flags - he still doesn't seem to have a feel for the game, he is a terrible crosser and he got owned by Eddie Lewis in the playoffs. yes, 47 year old Eddie Lewis.

Wish him the best.