Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marshall Returns to The Rapids

In today's Re-Entry draft the Rapids selected Tyrone Marshall, who's option was not picked up by the Sounders. Marshall is a Jamaican defender who's been in the league since 1998. In fact, he was originally drafter by Colorado and played 1 game for them before being traded to Miami for David Vaudreuil (who, despite what the announcers like to claim about Brian Ching, was really the first MLS player born in Hawai'i). After Miami was contracted Marshall landed in LA for most of his career before a stop in Toronto on his way to Seattle.

Marshall will be a replacement for the depth we lost when we sent Earls and Baudet to Seattle. He shouldn't be considered a starter at this point, with our line of Kimura-Wynne-Moor-Wallace pretty well set, but he can compete with Palguta to be the first guy of the bench. Marshall is not yet signed to a contract though, this draft just gives the Rapids his rights to get him under contract, so there's a chance he won't make the team.

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Schmicker said...

Just what the defending champs need - a defender who doesn't know how to pass. Enjoy those endless long balls. It'll be old in April