Thursday, February 10, 2011

Schedule Released!

MLS has finally released the 2011 schedule. Better late than never I guess. The Rapids will play every team in MLS both home and away for a total of 34 games. Here's are some of the highlights:
  • Colorado has one 3-game road trip in early May and one 3-game home stand right before the end of the season. The rest of the season there's never more than back-to-back home or road games.
  • The Rapids have a favorable schedule to finish on. Trips to Canada bracket that 3-game home stand. That should be a chance to bank some final points for the playoff push.
  • We finish the season with our first trip to Vancouver on October 22nd. Our first trip to Portland is June 11th. That will probably be a road trip for me as my Dad's birthday is the next day and my parents live in Portland.
  • MLS didn't do the Rocky Mountain Cup any favors. We go to Sandy on Wednesday, April 13th, then we play FSL in our home finale on Friday, October 14th. Two weekday games makes it hard for traveling fans.
  • Daniel "real championship" Hernandez and the rest of the Dallas hacks will be in town October 1st.
  • Jameson's Night is July 23rd
  • Only one Wednesday night home game and two Friday night games. 3 Sunday games including the first ever July 3rd (instead of July 4th) game. The other 11 home games are on Saturday night.
  • No day games, which should save us from frying in the sun!

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