Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Way To Help Japan

Tomorrow night at the Supporters Kick-Off Party (5pm-8pm at the Celtic tavern) Class VI and the Pid Army will have a special raffle. A team autographed burgundy jersey and a autographed Kosuke Kimura Japanese Heritage Night poster from 2009 will be raffled off for $5 a ticket. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Red Cross for earthquake relief in Japan.

We all know Kimura is the only Japanese player in MLS. He has been able to contact his friends and family back home and everybody is OK. Koz is one of the fan favorites, both for his play and the way he leaves it all on the field for his team. He's the one getting the fans hyped up before the opening kickoff. Let's show him how much we appreciate him by giving as much as we can to help out his country after one of the biggest natural disasters in recorded history.

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