Monday, May 23, 2011

Visit Of Former Rapids Brings Former Rapids Play

Toronto came to town with 4 former Rapids on their roster, 2 of them from the Clavijo era. As part of their return to Denver they returned Clavijo-era ball to the Rapids. An ugly 0-0 game then played out.

The closest the Rapids got to a goal was right before halftime when Quincy Amarikwa was tripped up in the corner of the box, but didn't get the PK call. In their continuing attempt to turn fans off of watching Rapids games, Altitude was in a replay at the time and apparently didn't catch the incident so I have no idea how valid or not the call would have been. The closest Toronto got was off a Rapids corner kick that they raced up field with, hitting the crossbar over Pickens. Sadly those were the extent of highlights in this game.

My key to the game was taking control of the game early. Needless to say, that didn't happen and not surprisingly Toronto got a point.

Other Observations:
  • How unimpressed must Smith be with Nyassi and Thompson to choose to start Kimura out of position at right mid instead of one of them?
  • The defensive line (and Pickens, see below) were solid this game. The 6 players in front of them? Crap.
  • This was 2007 era Clavijo-ball. Kick it long, hope somebody runs onto it for a cross, repeat.
  • Anytime we did get the ball in or around the box, nobody could complete a pass. There were easily half a dozen decent chances if the pass was actually put where the oncoming player could get it.
  • The best shot we got all night was Anthony Wallace from 25 yards out, and that didn't even force a save.
  • I'm assuming Smith and Casey were subbed out to rest them in a week where we have 3 games. If it was due to injury or strategy we're in trouble.
  • Amarikwa couldn't find a chance he couldn't destroy last night.
  • Thompson has regressed this season. Putting him in a game where we aren't leading is tantamount to raising the white flag of surrender.
  • We ended the game with a midfield of Kimura, Mastroeni, Larentowicz, and Thompson. I realize that's somewhat due to injuries and suspensions but there's no way we're scoring off of anything but a set piece with that midfield.
  • Marshall was honored before the game for becoming the 13th player in league history to have 300 appearances (his appearance in New England two weeks ago was #300). His first appearance was also as a Rapid.
  • He followed that up today with a call-up to the Jamaican Gold Cup squad. He'll leave after Saturday's game with KC.
Player of the Game: Matt Pickens. He had one big save and one save that may or may not have been necessary, but better safe than sorry. Honorable mention to Marvell Wynne who played lock-down defense on Newcomer of the Year Candidate Plata.

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