Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rapids Embarrass Themselves On And Off The Field

Where do I start with this mess of an event. From the big things to the small things it was an embarrassment. Might as well take it chronologically.

1. I get en email from my ticket rep saying "No parking passes for this game are needed". I write back asking if that's true for the tailgate lot. He says yep, no passes. I decide to bring mine anyway (Well, its permanently in the glove compartment, it was coming either way) sure enough, you need the tailgate lot pass to get to the lot for this game.

2. Nice job removing all the porta-potties from the tailgate lot guys. Did you think the season ended at Labor Day?

3. Same email from ticket rep said all Santos fans had to go in on the East side, all rapids fans had to go in on the West. Of course as I go in on the West side I see plenty of Santos fans going in with me.

4. The roster sheet being handed out at the gate identified our new player Comminges as being from Les Abymes, Guatemala. He's from Les Abymes, Guadeloupe. But hey, all those CONCACAF 'G' countries are the same, right?

5. That same sheet had the standings for our CCL group incorrect. Somehow they showed the Rapids as the only team with a draw. Basic understanding of sports should make it obvious that its impossible for only 1 team to have a draw.

6. I get to my seat, which of course isn't actually my seat, because they moved all the die-hard fans on the East so all the Rapids fans were on the West side and all the Santos fans were on the East side, only to find a Santos fan two rows in front of me. Of course, because this was the section behind the Santos bench there;s no shock in that, I'm sure many Santos fans would have wanted to sit right behind their team's bench.

7. Looking across to the East side and seeing 8K Santos fans. Embarrassing for the organization that their opponents outdraw the home team due to the crappy marketing this organization does.

8. Finding out that Tina and the rest of the clan, Class VI leaders, got re-seated outside the Class VI section and near some Santos fans. Nice job taking care of some of your best fans Rapids.

9. The starting lineup. Really Smith? No Pickens against the best strike force the Rapids will play all season? And don't give me any crap about needing to rest him. He was on fire in LA and he's a goalkeeper, goalkeepers regularly play 40 games in soccer leagues around the world. Putting Moor on the right and Palguta was a winning move too, I hope Koz enjoyed his night off.

10. Not to mention the stunning strategic move of playing a 4-3-3 with a team that never plays that formation. Instead of starting Mullan in our traditional 4-4-2 that's worked well for us you start Kandji. Mac proceeded to prove that he doesn't belong in a reserves game, much less the CCL.

11. Security around the Pid Army and BSG while the whole East stands are yelling ********! on every goal kick. yeah, you wouldn't want your loyal fans to feel welcome or anything, you want to make sure you can keep the once-in-a-lifetime visitors happy so they'll still never come back.

12. 90 minutes of the worst soccer the Rapids have played in years. The team wasn't moving or talking to each other, and they flat out gave up on the 2nd goal, which is about the time I gave up on the game. BTW, the goal was onside.

13. Despite that I still stayed until the end, but I couldn't even get pissed at the Class VI fans who left at 4-0. I believe you should support your team through thick and thin, but after the debacle last night I couldn't blame people for walking out.

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Anonymous said...

Finally someone publicly taking it to the rapids fo, you just wrote the CCL paragraph of my forthcoming letter to Jeff Plush about why i have reservations about renewing my season tickets