Monday, June 18, 2012

Bad Luck and Bad Finishing Combine For 0 Points

I predicted a one-goal loss going into the weekend, but on the other end of the 2 days this feels like points we gave away.  After a completely forgettable first half (each team had a whopping 2 shots on target) the second half brought a little more entertainment.  Early on most of it came from Matt Pickens coming up big time and time again.  In the 60th minute Darren Mattocks made a run into the box and tried to beat Drew Moor.  When he realized he couldn't he took a step and flopped looking for a call.  He got a call alright, diving with a yellow card.  As he went down Moor attempted to play the ball out but played it right off of Mattocks' head.  This apparently pissed Mattocks off as 30 seconds later he took Drew Moor out on the sideline.  Too bad for Mattocks the ref was watching him.  Second yellow, red, and off to the showers.

At this point you had to figure the Rapids had a good chance at taking all 3 points and should at least get 1.  Unfortunately the next 10 minutes made it appear Colorado was the team down a man as Vancouver was able to increase the pressure and keep Matty P hopping.  Finally the Rapids started to exert control and tilt the field the other way but, as we've seen often this season, it only takes one mistake.  In the 80th minute Chiumiento played a long cross into the box to an unmarked LeToux.  Pickens rushed out but was unable to stop LeToux perfectly timed volley into the net for the 1-0 lead.

For the next 10 minutes Colorado tried to get back on level terms but the bad luck Vancouver had early in the half seemed to switch sides and the Rapdis couldn't find the back of the net.  Rivero had a great chance after Edu's shot went off the back of a defender, but Martin put it off the cross bar.  Shortly after that Freeman beat everyone from outside but his shot went off the inside of the right post and back into play.  In total Colroado had 5 shots on target int he 2nd half but couldn't score.

My key to look for was the ability of the team to play as a unit.  Not a surprise that those regular starters seemed to and those spot starters didn't.

Other Observations:
  • Palguta was the one ball watching on the Vancouver goal, though the lack of pressure on the assist didn't happen.  How soon until Wynne is back?
  • This was Rivero's most complete game since joining the team.  If he can keep doing that on a regular basis we'll be in good shape.
  • That said, Castrillon once again was invisible.  With Smith coming off the DL it might be time to sit him down for a game or two.
  • Larentowicz got through the game without a card, which means he gets one knocked off for good behavior and isn't on the edge of a suspension.
  • Our forwards did not get off a single shot int he first half.  Koz got off 2.  There's something seriously wrong with that picture.
  • I know he hasn't played much yet, but I'm not seeing anything that Edu brings to the team.
  • Cascio was a non-factor in this one.  That's not a huge surprise from a rookie, but he's cooled off from his hot start.  He'll need to find the game again.
  • Mullan is Mullan.  He does much better in a 4-4-2 than a 4-3-3.
  • After one early attack Koz and Moor did a fairly good job with Mattocks.  In general I though Koz's game was better though I seem to be a minority on that one.
  • Palguta, *sigh*.  Of course Marshall isn't much better.
  • Through 14 games last season we had 19 points with a +2 goal differential.  Through 14 games this season we have 19 points with a +1 goal differential.
Player Of The Game: Matt Pickens.  This game could have easily been 3 or 4 to 0 without him.

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