Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rapids Handle Under-A-Chivas

First of all obviously the attack in Boston yesterday is top of mind right now.  Since the Japanese earthquake and tsunami I've had links to the Red Cross on the left bar, but they're just as applicable after yesterday's bombing.

Now on to Saturday's game.  The Rapids managed to hold the highest-scoring team in the league scoreless somehow, allowing an early PK by DeShorn Brown to hold up for a second straight 1-0 win.  The game started fast with Brown getting knocked down just inside the penalty area.  The ref didn't hesitate to point to the spot and Brown went to captain Hendry Thomas (who took the spot kick against FSL last week) and said he was feeling it today.  Thomas made way for the rookie and Brown sent Kennedy the wrong way for his second goal of the season and a quick 1-0 lead.

About 30 minutes later Colorado tried to give it right back.  For the 4th straight game the team gave up a penalty kick.  This time Shane O'Neill went up unfairly for a header and knocked Correa sideways.  Extending his own MLS record for number of consecutive games facing a PK to start a career, Irwin stepped up and guess the right way for the 4th straight time.  Irwin didn't make the save but Correa put the shot right above him into the bar.

Those were the big highlights of the match.  Both teams had a couple of good chances (Brown had a great chance that he appeared to run out of energy on) but nobody could find the back of the net and the Rapids had their first road win of the season.

My key to the match was taking advantage of the weak Chivas defense.  Brown did a good job getting behind the defensive line with the Rapids having 16 attempts on goal to 11 and 6 shots on target to 2 but they couldn't finish the job.  Still didn't get a goal from the run of play.

Random Thoughts:
  • I was concerned about the decision to leave Moor on the bench to stick with the younger O'Neill and Klute.  Turns out it was a legitimate concern as O'Neill gave up a PK but it didn't cost us.  At halftime Moor came on and O'Neill moved up to midfield.
  • LaBrocca came off for Moor nursing a sore groin.  Nothing serious according to the team but no sense taking any chances.
  • Buddle is slowly playing his way into shape, but I'd like to see Mwanga get some time while Buddle is getting back to 100%.
  • Atiba Harris gets a pass this week as he was apparently playing with food poisoning.
  • Jamie Smith should have come on about 15 minutes earlier than he did.  Our midfield really needed help in the 2nd half hanging onto the ball.
  • We have an Anthony Wallace sighting!  Good to see him finally healthy enough to play.
  • Mullan is better on the right than the left, but he's still better in midfield than in defense.
  • Clint Irwin is still the man.
Player of the Match: DeShorn Brown.  Set up the PK, scored the PK, should have had a second, and was generally burning Chivas all night.  Every time I see him play I like the pick for him a little more.

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