Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gabriel Torres Becomes Rapids First Designated Player

Its done.  The Rapids just officially announced Panamanian striker Gabriel Torres as the club's first Designated Player in its history.  It took an extra 2.5 weeks then originally rumored, but they got it done.  Torres scored 5 goals (including two against Mexico) at this year's Gold Cup an should be able to hit the ground running as soon as he receives his P-1 visa.  My guess is that we see his debut next weekend at home against Vancouver but if they've been working this for a while maybe they can get the visa by Sunday night's game.  He's a Designated Player through a combination of the transfer fee and his salary.  Huge signing for Colorado and while they stumbled a couple of times from lessons they didn't learn form the Rivero saga, the important thing is that they got the job done.  A big day in the history of the club.


Schmicker said...

This is definitely a great signing for you guys. What I find a little funny is that both of the forwards who started the Gold Cup Final for Panama are DP's in MLS...and yet they played such a negative style against us.

Jason Maxwell said...

The negative style was a strategic move by Dely Valdes I think, only chance they had to win.