Thursday, September 26, 2013

Playoff Race Status - September 26

As we enter the final month of the season I'll be doing regular updates on the playoff race in the West.  Here we are going into the Rapids bye week:

So right now we are holding onto the last playoff spot, but everyone above us other than FSL has a game in hand so catching them will not be easy.  Below us both Vancouver and Dallas have a game in hand, but with a 4 and 5 point lead respectively over them they can't catch us when they play that game in hand this week.  They can make it very tight though.

The good news is that we still control our own destiny.  Just by winning our two remaining home games we make life very difficult on Vancouver, San Jose, and Dallas.  Vancouver would need 10 points in 5 games to catch us, Dallas would need 11 in 5, and San Jose 10 in 4 (which means anything more than 1 draw and they couldn't do it).  If we leave the door open by not picking up those wins though and it won't take much for us to drop out of the playoffs.

The games that concern us this week and the best results:
FSL @ Vancouver - Vancouver losing points would obviously be best, but short of a FSL win actually clinching a playoff spot for us I refuse to root for them.  Go Vancouver!

LA @ Portland - Its really hard for any result to hurt us as this is the game in hand both teams have on us and any result will keep at least 1 of them within reaching distance of us.  A draw is probably the best as it keeps both teams within 2 points.

Columbus @ Dallas - A Columbus win is obviously best.

New York @ Seattle - I don't believe we'll make up a 5 point gap on Seattle in 4 games, even if we beat them next week.  So best for them to win and get some cushion in their Supporters Shield race so they won't be so desperate when they come to town.

San Jose @ Chivas - I don't think either of these teams are catching us, but San Jose has an outside chance so a Chivas win would be the best result.

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Ron said...

San Jose is right on Colorado's heels. A game at San Jose is coming up in a less than two weeks.