Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Playoff Race Status - October 22nd

Now that the Rapids are in the playoffs, the focus switches to playoff seeding.  Going into the final weekend the standings look like this:

4th and 5th place will play a one-game playoff on October 30th or 31st at the home of the 4th seed.  The winner will get the 1st seed in a home-and-home starting at the 4/5 seed winner's home the weekend of November 2nd while the 3 seed will host the 2 seed to start their home-and-home that same weekend.  Colorado could finish anywhere from first to fifth based on their result against Vancouver and everyone else's results.  Going into tomorrow's game here's the best set of results for us:

FSL @ Chivas USA - Chivas, obviously.

San Jose @ Dallas - We don't care as long as San Jose doesn't score 13+ goals.

Chivas USA @ Portland - Chivas again, obviously.

Seattle @ LA - This game is a little tricky depending on our result.  If we beat Vancouver a draw is the best result, as it give us the 3 seed.  If we draw Vancouver then a LA win is best as it gives us the 4 seed with a home game against Seattle in the one-game playoff.  If we lose to Vancouver we're stuck as the 5 seed no matter what, so its a matter of if you'd rather face Seattle in Seattle or LA in LA.  I think Seattle in Seattle is a better option all things consider, so anything other than a Seattle win would be the best result.

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