Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rapids Acquire Marc Burch In Re-Entry Draft Phase 1

In today's Phase 1 of the Re-Entry Draft the Rapids acquired Marc Burch from Seattle.  Burch is a left back that has also played some center back and left wing.  He's 29 and 2014 will be his 9th year in the league, starting with the LA and then Columbus his first season before spending most of his career in DC, then moving to Seattle the last two seasons.  He made $75,000 last season and I would expect his 2014 number to be something similar.  By picking Burch in Phase 1 the Rapids are required to pick up his already agreed-to 2014 option in his contract.

This is a solid depth pick-up for the Rapids.  He can plug into a couple of holes and gives Pareja some flexibility.  If he shows well enough to challenge Klute for a starting spot it would give Oscar the possibility of flipping Klute to right back (he's naturally right-footed) as well.

Brian Mullan, Jamie Smith, and Steward Ceus left their name in the draft but were not selected.  Teams now have  a chance to negotiate with their players before Phase 2 of the draft on Wednesday.  Players picked in that portion of the draft do not have their options exercised, instead the club picking them has to give them a new contract offer ad a bona fide number (so no insulting lowball numbers) in order to retain the player's rights.

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