Monday, October 13, 2014

Twelfth Verse, Same As The First

The Rapids took the lead then mental defensive errors cost them the win.  That's a new one.  Oh wait, no, that's the same thing we've seen over and over again in this losing streak.  Only this time it was against possibly the worst team in the league.  I say possibly because a reasonable argument could be made that we're the worst team in the league at this moment.
  • Pretty ball movement on the Rapids goal.  Eloundou suckered in the Chivas defender and dropped it off to Neeskens at the perfect time.
  • And credit to Neeskens for beating Kennedy near post, not many scorers pull that off. 
  • Gotta love a rookie coming in and on his first touch slaloming through four defenders like they were traffic cones for an easy goal.  Or at least I'd love it if he was a Rapid.  Here's an idea defense, KNOCK HIM DOWN!
  • Of course Zat Knight, tallest guy on the field by a decent margin, experienced EPL defender, gets beat on a header for the winning goal.  Nice job.
  • Jared Watts is not, not, not a CB.  Starting Wynne on the bench so Watts could start was pointless.  Well, it got Chivas 3 points.
  • Tied and looking for a wining goal we go to Kamani Hill and Edson Buddle while Gabriel Torres and Vicente Sanchez stay on the bench?  SMH
  • The Rapids need at least 4 points in their last two games to avoid the 2nd worst season in their history (2001 being the worst, which they've already beaten).  I don't see them getting it.
  • They would need to win their last two games to do better than their 2012 season, currently the 3rd worst in team history.  That's clearly not happening.
Man of the Match: Charles Eloundou.  He's clearly improving from the beginning of the year, looking up more and not just dribbling close enough to shoot wildly.  Given his age I'm still excited about what he could become.  Watching Cameroon play Sierra Leone this weekend there's still an opportunity for him to get back in the National Team picture too.

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