Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Well, That Was A Season

That's all it was though, a season, and it finished in an appropriate way.  The Rapids were a man up for 38 minutes, got a PK call in their favor, and still came out with no goals and less shots on target than the Sounders had goals.  Pretty much par for the course for a season where Colorado finished last in the league in goals, shots on goal, and shots (but oddly, not assists).  The lone bright spot in the game was da Fonte standing up to Dempsey after Deuce got red carded and was trying to intimidate the rookie.

The good news is that LA lost, keeping us out of last place overall, and San Jose won, eliminating FSL and Dallas from the playoffs by a point.  Two weeks ago Dallas came to Commerce City and got a draw and last week FSL came to down and left with nothing.  At least we drug them down with us.

This was also my first chance to see a MLS game in Seattle (I saw the National Team play at Century Link against Venezuela in 2003).  I was underwhelmed (that's no knock on my family members I got to see).  It felt like Seattle's atmosphere was built on quantity, not quality.  There was nothing that the Rapids fanbase couldn't replicate if we had 40K+ at game.  Now I don't want to undersell getting 40K+ to a game, that's impressive, but I was expecting something that was notably above what I've seen from C38 and I didn't see it.  I will say that the fanbase wasn't as engaged at this game as I've seen even on TV though, which given that it was the final game before a playoff run with very little on the line and a very meh opponent maybe everyone was just saving themselves for the playoff match next week.

(But other than the size the stadium allows, Seattle's tifo game has nothing on C38)

That's it for our 3rd worst season.  Obviously a big offseason is coming up, starting with Smith being on 950 Altitude radio tomorrow morning at 9:30.  Then comes the coach decision, expansion draft, and player contracts.  I'll have some opinions on all of this as we move through the postseason and offseason.

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Mark Weatherley said...

So Pádraig is on Altitude tomorrow morning? Let's hope that there are some details about what's coming next in terms of personnel and coaching. And I hope I can find the full interview on Sound Cloud or wherever it's archived.

This season was a train wreck in so many ways. It caused me and my family to give up on watching in person and we ate many of our tickets over the last two months of the season - it was hard to sell them Flash Seats even at a discount. We won't be back at DSGP unless to see the Rapids unless there are massive changes over the next four months that bring in a coach that can help assemble and manage an MLS 3.0 side.

Rant over.