Monday, December 4, 2017

Give Junior Agogo Some Love

This is copied from Centennial 38's page but I'm helping organize this effort (I actually wrote this for them).  Show Junior some love this holiday season.

Any long-time fans might remember striker Junior Agogo, who played for the Rapids in 2000 and the first half of 2001 before being traded to San Jose. Junior was a fan favorite while here and after leaving MLS he spent a lot of time in England before finishing his career in Egypt, Cyprus, and Scotland. In January of 2015 Junior had a stroke. Recently he was interviewed as part of the BBC4 documentary ‘Speechless’ where he discussed the aphasia he’s dealt with since the stroke and how the difficulty in communicating has made him anxious and less outgoing. If you remember watching him play, being outgoing was never a difficulty for him. During the interview he mentioned that he doesn’t hear from any of his former teammates, specifically from his other Ghanaian national team teammates.
Some clips from the documentary can be found in the following link:
Upon hearing this news, Centennial 38 reached out and made contact with Junior to extend our well-wishes. We are also working with the Rapids to put together a care package to send to him in London that will let him know that his fans in Colorado are thinking about him as he copes with his circumstances. We’d like to give fans a chance to send him messages of support. Please leave your message to him here and we’ll print them out and include them with the care package.

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Marc Lenzini said...

Junior, I am so sorry to hear about your health problems. I want to let you know that the Rapids fans here in Denver remember you fondly! Your energy and drive were wonderful to watch. Thank you for your time in Denver. You will be in my prayers this holiday season.