Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ford Out 8-10 Weeks But More Important Battle To Fight

A 1-2 of really bad news for Kortne Ford this week.  Yesterday he announced his mother's cancer numbers had increased and the doctors have once again given her only 3-6 months.  Today that was compounded by news that he sprained his MCL in a team scrimmage on Saturday and will miss 8-10 weeks.

The only silver lining to the injury is that it will give him more time to spend with his mother.  Three years ago next month we watched my mother-in-law lose her battle with lymphoma.  She had fought it for 11 months and due to our circumstances my wife was able to spend at least 75% of that time in Florida with her parents.  I think it was a great help for all three of them to be together and I hope that the Fords can be helped the same way.

Also I was remiss last week in not posting about the news from Josh Gatt's family.  His 25 year old wife Melissa was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

There are fundraising links in the tweets from both Josh and Kortne.  Everyone in the Rapids family is hoping for the best for both of their families.

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