Monday, April 9, 2018

Rapids Drop Points At The End...Again

For the third game (out of four) this season the Rapids dropped points by conceding a goal in the 89th minute or later.  Colorado has now dropped as many points this way as they've gained this season, 5.  Its an unacceptable pattern.  Seeing it happen 3 times during a season would be border line unacceptable, to see it in 75% of a team's games is atrocious.  Until Hudson and the players can solve this problem this team is going nowhere.  Last year 5 points was the difference between 8th place (missing the playoffs) and 4th place (hosting the wild-card game).  There's a very good chance that this year we'll see a similar difference and we really don't want to be on the wrong side of that.

Other observations:

  • The second big takeaway from this match is that our big offensive signings can't get on the field.  Of the 21 competitive matches the team has played since Aigner was signed, he's started 5 and came off the bench in 5 others.  I understand the club is trying to let him feel physically comfortable with playing but at some point he either needs to start earning his salary or get out.
  • For Gashi its not much better, 41 starts and 6 sub appearances in 74 possible matches.  So combined for those two that's 46 starts and 11 sub appearances out of 95 matches.  That's a horrible rate for a DP and a TAM attacker.
  • Similarly I think it might be time to call the Boateng signing a bust.  He looked ineffectual in this one as a starter and he hasn't looked good in any match since his injury.
  • Price is a card magnet, with 3 straight yellow cards now.  I like what he brings but we have to expect he's going to miss 2-3 matches this season due to discipline.
  • Gotta love Badji and Mason running towards goal like they did on the score.  That's going to make some defenses play back this season.
  • Its also going to make it hard for Boli to get on the field, a nice problem to have.
  • Our midfield is non-existent this season.  We have yet to break 46% possession in a game and our midfield's inability to hold the ball is largely why.
  • Wynne was beat on the goal, again.  He's just not MLS starter quality.  I understand we were limited in choices for this one due to injury but Miller would be a better choice.  And once Wilson is healthy Sjoberg should take Ford's spot.
  • Colvey was,,,not good.  The kid got a chance but he's not ready.  Serna should play the next couple of weeks while Hairston heals.
  • Howard did not look good on the goal.  Could he have saved it?  Probably not.  Should he have at least made an attempt?  Yeah.  His habit of standing there watching goals go bye this season is not exactly confidence-building.
  • But hey, he got us some national media coverage after the game!
  • Odd subs in this one, bringing Azira in after the tying goal had been scored.  Glad to see him finally but we needed him before the goal.
  • I love the fact that we've scored every game but the stats don't back up us being that dangerous.  We rarely get corner kicks and as mentioned, we aren't controlling the ball.  I'm afraid a reversion to the mean is coming.
Man of the Match: Joe Mason.  Yeah, I went the easy route and chose the goal scorer.

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