Saturday, January 26, 2008

Offseason of Nothing

Monday morning the off-season ends as the Rapids players report for the opening of training. What have the Rapids done this off-season to improve a team that missed the playoffs last year?

Tony Sanneh - D/DM
Daniel Osorno - F
Jose Cancela - AM
Zach Thorton - GK

Jose Burciaga - LB/LM
Chase Hilgenbrinck - LB/LM

and the draft, which I'll get to.

So the Rapids cut 3 benchwarmers and a defensive super-sub, and added two players who's primary position is left back. This on a team that was worst in MLS in scoring, while having a good, if not great, defense.

I'll say two things about the draft, and why I believe its inconsequential to the offseason improvements. First The Rapids were considered to have had one of the two worst drafts of any of the teams, and every MLS team got to draft, so the quality relative to the rest of the league didn't change significantly.

Now I know there are a number of rumors about players being signed or traded for in the near future, and I hope some of them turn out to be quality. But once again the Rapids are opening pre-season needing to make multiple moves in order to put together a decent MLS side, more than likely leading to a disorganized group that isn't used to playing with each other when the games start to count.


Allen said...

I didn't walk away from 2007 thinking the Rapids had the 3rd best defense. But after looking at the numbers, I think that's right. Your concern over strengthening the offense is well placed. And unfortunately I don't think that Ballouchy is the player that is going to turn things around this year and give us the creativity and flair to start scoring goals. I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

The gapping hole in the rapids is with a creative midfielder. Pablo is a solid Defense middie that can destroy plays and kick players. The issues is creating chances. This hole has not been addressed through the draft or signings.