Monday, January 28, 2008

Why I'm a Rapids Fan

This offseason has had a great deal of discussion about why some people are fans of the Rapids, or even questioning "how true fan are they". There's no secret that I've been highly critical of the Rapids FO, Clavijo, and Plush. I've been asked why I'm still a fan, and I've had people question "how true fan am I".

If there's any team's fans in American sports going through what us as Rapids fans are going through its the Seattle Mariners fans. Alas, I'm a fan of both the Mariners and Rapids. The leading blog for the Mariners is U.S.S. Mariner, and today's post had a number of things to say about why they are as critical as they are about the Mariners, and yet still fans.

Answering Some Questions

Read the first section of the blog entry, and responses 7, 8, and 33. Then replace Mariners with Rapids and Mariners players of old with Rapids players of old. You have an exact description of why I'm a Rapids fan. Hopefully Dave won't mind me paraphrasing his line here:

Loyalty - I became a fan with Marcelo Balboa, Ian Feuer, Paul Bravo, and Chris Henderson. I can’t flush 12 years of emotional attachment away just because the team makes a lot of stupid choices. I’m married the Rapids, and I didn’t sign a prenup.

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