Monday, March 3, 2008

Roster Moves

The Rapids made a number of roster moves today to get within cap and roster size limits.

The biggest move was signing Brazilian defensive midfielder Rafael Gomes. This was a long rumored signing as he's been training with the teamm all preseason.

The Rapids also waived a number of players, defender Chase Hilgenbrinck, midfielder Scott Campbell, defender Brandon Prideaux, midfielder Jose Cancela, and defender Cliff Wilmes. Trialists midfielder Daniel Antunez and forward Kevin Forrest were not given contracts either.

Finally some players were signed to new contracts. Defender Jordan Harvey got a senior roster contract and John DiRaimondo, Nick LaBrocca, Mike Graczyk, midfielder Brian Grazier and defender Cesar Zambrano got developmental roster contracts.

After all of that, where does it leave us?

Well first of all we've signed another defensive midfielder to a team with one of the best defensive midfielders in the league in Pablo, and we used an international slot to doit. This means we'll either be wasting an international slot on a bench player or playing Pablo out of his natural position, probably on the back line. Its great were adding depth, but I'm not sure this is the way to do it.

Secondly the sighning, then waiving of Chase Hilgenbrink is puzzling at best, and more of the same comedy from the team of Fernando Clavijo and the Rapids Front Office. Anyone remember Yerland Macdonald from last season? Nope, neither do we, he was brought in from the Costa Rican National Team and his Norweigan club side then waived before the season even started. What's the point of going to South and Central America if all that results are players that can't even manage to make it to Opening Day, or if they do they're cut midseason like Roberto Brown? Once again the Rapids FO proves its the most clueless in the league.

None of ther est of the player moves stand out. Prideaux was dead weight midway through last season, Cancela was actually let go in the offseason it was just made official today, and the rest are reservists that may or may not turn into quality MLs players.


Bonji said...

There is nothing that says Pablo and the new Brazilian can't play together.



Jason Maxwell said...

True, but I think the idea of a 4-5-1 is worse than leaving Pablo on the backline or a international spot on the bench. A 3-5-2 maybe, but I'm not sold on 3 solid defenders yet.