Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Help Recruiting A New Fan

OK I need some help from my readers (or reader as the case may be, I'm not sure how many of you are out there). I've got a friend at my new company who's a soccer fan, but hasn't been out to see the Rapids. He's a fan of European soccer, seen Roma play in Rome, and follows the U.S. Nats. I'm trying to convince him to come out to the Everton game, and to some of the remaining games on the league schedule. He wants to hear from other fans about how the Rapids games are a great time.

Now I know that this isn't the best week for this request given the team's performance last week, but besides watching that mess on the field going to the game is a good time. Between the tailgate, camaraderie in 108 and 100, and a chance to get out and enjoy the good weather there are certainly much worse ways to spend an afternoon or evening.

So please drop Chad an email at cgardner@paysimple.com and encourage him to join us this weekend!

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Allen said...

The Everton event is centered around a glorified inter squad scrimmage. Passing it off as anything more is just sick and wrong. :p

He should come out to some regular games though. You only see about 1/2 of what occurs on the pitch when you're watching it on TV.