Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No coaching "search" done

The Denver Post reports that the Rapids signed Smith to a 3-year deal and Pablo to a 4-year deal. Guppy's contract is still being finalized. They also say that Jeff Plush told them that he didn't interview any other candidates for the coaching position.

Same old Rapids, taking the quick and easy way out. Gary Smith may be the guy, I have hope he will be. If the Rapids had done a full coaching search though, talking to the likes of John Spencer, Robin Fraser, and Paul Mariner (for example), and then settled on Gary Smith I'd feel better about it. They put all their eggs in one basket and they're either going to look like geniuses or fools. Given their track record I'm afraid its going to be fools.


Bonji said...

In what job do you ever get hired without knowing they boss is talking to other people? Who knows, maybe in professional sports coaching positions are typically one horse races, but in the real world this kind of preferential treatment will get you fired.

Yet another knock against the Rapids FO. Now Smith has to do that much more to win me over.

Jeannine said...

I have to agree that this has the looks of another bone-headed move by the FO. Of course, my opinion is probably colored by the fact that I'm not sold on Smith. While he did have the guys ready to play, his lineups (sticking with Burpo after several poor games, etc) and his subs often left me scratching my head.

This is just another reason why I've decided not to renew my season tickets.