Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mexico - Bolivia March 11th at DSG Park

Just announced officially by the Rapids, SUM, and the Mexican and Bolivian FA's, the Mexican and Bolivian National Teams will play a friendly on March 11th at the Dick. Kickoff is 7pm. Tickets go on sale in 30 minutes if you use a VISA card, next week for all other orders. The Rapids are offering a two pack where you get a ticket to this game and the Rapids home opener as well.

Honestly I'll probably pass on this game. I have no real interest in either team, and I'd prefer to save my money to go to a Rapids road game sometime this season.


Jester said...

Like you, I am also not very interested in this game. Normally I would be preaching that we all need to be going to these types of games, even if were not interested in either team. Simply because we need to show good attendance numbers in these game in order to attract better games, ie: more world cup qualifiers. Especially after the low numbers at the Guatamala game.
Of course, this being Mexico, I would expect a sell out, even without me.

By the way, I like the counter you've added. It's a nice touch. I cant wait for the season to start!

Jason Maxwell said...

Thanks. I haven't decided if I'm going to use the counter every week, or only for special occasions like Rocky Mountain Cup matches.

I understand the idea of wanting a good turnout in order to get other games, but the other side has to do its part as well. It was obvious that the reason attendance was not great for USA-Guatemala was ticket prices, as the cheap seats were packed.

When you compare the prices at the Dick to the prices a game earlier in Chicago you'll see that across the board the tickets were more expensive in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

attendance was probably low, because of who was playing..usa- guatemala... as much as i love soccer, id rather nap at home than in a stadium..Sry Give me a break! Usa is an good team dnt get me wrong, but vs guatemala..extremely boring.

my comment is a little biased, but I bet alot of people would agree that mexico vs bolivia will be a more dynamic match-up. Prob not by much, but as you said.,,Being mexico it will sell out..Mexican-Americans are alot more loyal to their soccer..

Anonymous said...

hey jason and guys,who cares about your interesting on the game,you dont have anything better things to do,eat some chile and relax