Monday, August 10, 2009

Rapids Sacrifice Goats For 3 Points

Lets see how many people get the picture reference

The Rapids took 4 minutes to win this game, 41 minutes to make sure Chivas realized the game was over, and 45 minutes getting some exercise in. 26 seconds into the game Pablo got a great feed from Cummings who had the ball int he box, took a shot from about 25 yards out, and scored his first goal in over 4 years. Not to be outdone, Casey took a feed from Cummings' head 3 minutes later, chipped the ball over the keeper and off the underside of the ball, and put the Rapids up 2-0 in less than 4 minutes. After that it was just a matter of beating the Under-a-Chivas into submission which the Rapids did. First in the 23rd minute, with a carbon copy of 3-4 other goals this season, Cummings took the ball on the right wing, put a gross in along the ground for Casey to run onto and score for a 3-0 lead. Finally in stoppage time of the first half Cummings got free for his own chance on goal only to be pulled down from behind in the box. Red card, PK, and Casey converts for a first half hat trick and a 4-0 lead.

Chivas ran up the white flag by pulling Kljestan, Victorine, and Lillingston at half and just going through the motions for the remaining 45 minutes. Cummings had another couple of good chances to get a goal he very well deserved, but either couldn't get the shot on target or put it in a place that Lance Parker could save. The only other incident of note was Pablo getting all but knocked out by a free kick to the face in the 69th minute. The Rapids got an easy 3 points going into their bye week.

My key to the game was winning the games we're supposed to win. It took less than 4 minutes to prove that the Rapids were out for blood on Saturday, which is what needed to happen. Now we need to start winning some of the tougher games.

Other Observations:
  • With the hat trick Casey retakes the league lead in scoring, having 11 goals in 14 games.
  • With the hat trick of assists Cummings takes the league lead in assists, having 10 assists in 18 games
  • Yeah, read those last two again. When has that ever happened for the Rapids?
  • I'm pretty sure everyone had to look twice when Pablo scored. That's his first since 2005, the only other time he's scored as a Rapid. In fact his 3 assists this year are as many as his last 6 years combined, and ties for his record as a Rapid, he had 3 in his first year here in 2002.
  • I'd say good things abut the defense but honestly, they didn't have much to do Saturday night
  • A couple of times Pickens had to come up with big saves to preserve the shutout. For as bored as he was the rest of the game he did good to wake up for those
  • The 11 players we started are probably the best 11 players on the team, with the exception of Baudet's injury. This is the baseline Smith should work from for the rest of the season
Player of the Game: Omar Cummings. 3 assists and set up the PK. He's got a combined 16 goals and assists, and is clearly the team MVP to this point.


Anonymous said...

Goat Dance. Dragnet. Got it.

Jester said...

"Don't forget your goat leggings"...Great movie!