Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rapids Town Hall

Last night the Rapids held a Town Hall at the Dick for season ticket holders. I was planning on going until an unexpected problem at work had me working late. They provided a live stream on their website though and I was able to watch from my computer.

honestly it was mainly Jeff Plush' end-of-season letter in a live format. A good deal of talk about how KSE is committed to building a winner, how last season was not the result they were looking for, etc. Other than seeing some friends who I haven't seen since the last home game I don't really think I missed anything by not being there.

I did try to get the following question asked by emailing to the address they provided for questions, but it wasn't read:

After the 2007 season Jeff wrote a letter saying that the results that season were unacceptable. 2008 and 2009 looked much like 2007 with our season ending in the last game at the hands of our rivals. After the 2009 season Jeff wrote another letter saying the results were unacceptable. Why should we expect anything different in 2010, and what are you going to do different this offseason than you have done the last couple offseasons?

Other than that the only real news was that they were a bit surprised that Harvey was taken int he expansion draft and that they left him exposed as a "calculated risk". They also said that they see Gibbs being a valued member of the team going forward, which is why they chose to protect him. I disagree on their decisions on both players but what's done is done.

Plush talked about the Dick maybe not being the answer for big international friendlies and that they may consider laying those games at Invesco int he future. Its better for the visiting teams because of the location. To me that just sounds like an excuse. He also said that they didn't bring teams in like Milan because it would have required raising ticket prices to pay for them.


Jester said...

- If this is for season ticket holders, why hold it on a weekday?
- I am not supprised he didn't read your question. He isn't going to read anything that does not paint a rosey picture of the club or is difficult to answer.
- How can they possibly be suprised that Harvey was selected. Is there a surplus of left backs in MLS? If they wanted to take a risk, that avoided leaving Gibbs available, they should have left Smith exposed. He is still an unknown quantity in MLS, and is coming off a knee injury. Same w/ Peterson.
- Does he think I wouldn't pay more to see Milan than Pachuca? Please!
- These games should definitely be at Invesco. Sell more tickets and you dont have to raise prices too much. It would also help our chances to be a World Cup venue.

Just my 2 cents.
Thanks for the platform to vent, and keep up the good work.

Jason Maxwell said...

On your second point it appeared to be Media Relations director Jason Gilliam who was picking questions that were emailed in. I don't have a good relationship with him anymore (see my post over the summer about the Rapids PR problem for more details) so once I figured out he was doing the choosing I wasn't shocked mine wasn't chosen. I did email Plush with my question today, we'll see if he responds.

Jester said...

Let us know if he does respond.
I beleive that, as fans, our biggest greivence with the club is a perceived lack of investment in creating a winner.

Now I do try to remind myself they did build us a $110 million stadium. That is a pretty serious investment.
I don't really care if we have a designated player or not. As of yet, there really isn't a strong corrolation between a DP and a trophy. I don't remember if Schelleto was a DP yet when Columbus won last year or if this was the first season he made DP money.
That being said, I would like to see something, anything, that would lead me to believe that they are not OK with being just another mid-table team.

Jason Maxwell said...

The only response I've gotten so far was him asking if I was going to be at today's VIP WC Draw party at Fado's (I wasn't).

GBS made DP money the last two years, but last year the Crew used allocation money to pay down his salary so he didn't have to be classified as a DP. This year they didn't have allocation money left so he became a DP.

Allen said...

Slow off season, eh?

Jason Maxwell said...

More like way too many hours at work this month. I'm already planning a fresh start come this weekend, so look for a enw post then. ;)