Monday, September 27, 2010

Rapids Grab Important Road Point

The Rapids went to Salt Lake and drew those FaKeRs 1-1. Many tears will be shed over the last minute equalizer that FSL scored. Instead of a recap I want to address that.

Yeah, it sucks that we had our rivals on the ropes and were about to end their home unbeaten streak, only to lose 2 points in the final minute. But think about this. If somebody had told you on Friday that we would go into Salt Lake, be without Julian Baudet and Omar Cummings, and we would come put with a point you would have been surprised and certainly not unhappy.

A number of fans are saying"Well yeah, but that was FSL's B team". So? FSL was cocky enough to run out a B team thinking they could keep their undefeated streak going and they couldn't. In fact they had to sub in 3 regular starters just to get enough going to claim that draw. We were playing without our possible MVP in Cummings and a defensive leader on a night that our defense was disorganized. They were looking at a chance to take the lead in the Supporter's Shield race. In the end the point we got was much more beneficial to us than them. They got a draw that felt like a win, but in the grad scheme of things they were hurt and we were helped by the result.

My key to the game was showing up to play. I think we did that.

Other Observations:
  • Nice goal by Conor Casey to set the all-time Rapids record. To do it against FSL has to be that much sweeter.
  • Unfortunately Conor's yellow means he's suspended for Wednesday home game against Philly.
  • Kimura hit a great cross on the goal. I'd love to see more of that.
  • Pablo was a monster out there. That was a textbook display on how to play defensive midfielder.
  • Drew Moor, solid yet again. He's quietly become our most reliable man on the back line.
  • Ross LaBauex? Really? When Claudio Lopez is on the bench?
  • Not Kandji's best game. He had way too many turnovers.
  • Pickens might have been slightly out of position on the goal but it was hit really well.
  • I'm not sure what happened on the PK/no-PK call. I think it was a questionable call on the PK, but I can't figure out of the Rapids talked the ref out of the call or his AR told him he was wrong.
  • Great job by Class VI, Pid Army, the Bobbies, and the other supporters that made the trip. While I'm sure FSL had a bigger group the way they showed in on FSC made it look like the Rapids were the bigger and more organized group.
Player of the Game: Marvell Wynne. Yes, he was beaten on the goal and yes, he almost cost us a PK. Watch the game again though if you didn't notice his play. Without him we probably lose this game 4-1, if not worse. He was a monster on defense for he first 85 minutes.

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Jose said...

Your ratings are spot on. My sentiments to a tee on how the players fared. Kandji absolutely needs to step up his game.