Monday, April 25, 2011

Dark Day Ends With A Loss

Obviously the post game focus has been on the Mullan-Zakuani incident. I covered that in length yesterday so I won't say any more about it other than correct red card to Mullan doomed the Rapids in the game. Playing a man down for 87 minutes is too much to overcome.

I thought Colorado actually had the better play most of the game but that was partially because Seattle got an early goal. Up a man and a goal and on the road at altitude the sounders seemed happy to let the Rapids control play. I don't think they wanted to look as bad or let Colorado have as much possession as they did, but they were certainly in no hurry to take control of the game either. The Rapids took full advantage, but could never find the final pass. This was mainly due to the Sounders having an extra man to cover any lapses.

The goal was just a jailbreak with too many Rapids caught up field. Both Moor and Kimura had pushed forward on the wings and Seattle took possession and pushed the play. Moor was tracking back and Marshall tried to pressure the ball-handler, leaving Wynne to cover both forwards. Not surprisingly he was unable to. Montero was left with a wide-open shot. Surprisingly he still shouldn't have scored as he hit it right at Matt Pickens. Somehow though Pickens had a "Rob green" moment and let the ball hit his hands and go under his legs for the goal. Poor defense all the way around.

My key to the game was Folan and Cummings working together. They didn't, at all. To be fair, after the early red card Cummings shifted back into Mullan's spot in a 4-4-1, but it felt like Folan and Cummings had never played together before. Disappointing after having 9 days off to figure it out.

Other Observations:
  • Its a bad sign when the player that most looks like scoring the whole game is the right back.
  • Folan had a couple of chippy fouls, including one he was yellow carded for. In general he hasn't looked good since the DC game. We need Casey back.
  • Where has Omar Cummings gone? He hasn't been on his game at all this season. If he keeps this up we won't have to worry about losing him in the summer transfer window.
  • Shortly before half I realized the Rapids were playing schoolyard soccer with players just going wherever they felt was best. Pablo was up high on the right wing, Larentowicz was playing center back, Jamie Smith was in the center, and Moor was playing left wing. I understand formation changes are necessary after a red card, but this felt like the team had no plan.
  • I'm not thrilled with the sub pattern in this game. All 3 subs were like for like. Defender for defender, d-mid for d-mid, and winger for winger. I would have liked to see more attackers put in down a goal at home.
  • The refs did a great job not allowing this game to get out of hand.
  • We desperately need a win against Chicago to stop this slide.
Player of the Game: Kosuke Kimura. He seemed to be the only player that looked like he wanted to tie the score.

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