Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rocky Mountain Cup!

Its that time of year again! The Rapids make their way West to play FaKe SaLt LaKe. I shouldn't need to remind anyone that on top of this being a big regular season match the Rocky Mountain cup is at stake! Unfortunately the "geniuses" at MLS League HQ decided this rivalry wasn't important enough and scheduled the game for a Wednesday night. They were probably afraid that it would overshadow the new Cascadia rivalries the league is so busy promoting. There won't be a huge presence by the Rapids fans in SLC, but there will still be a contingent there. Class VI and the Pid army has done a great job in setting up viewing parties up and down the Front Range, head over to nofanalone.com to get a full list to find out where to join other fans. Kickoff tomorrow is at 7pm MDT and the game will be on Altitude 2.

Injury Report:
OUT: FW Conor Casey (L hamstring strain), FW Macoumba Kandji (L knee ACL tear)
QUESTIONABLE: MF Pablo Mastroeni (R achilles strain)
PROBABLE: GK Matt Pickens (R groin strain)

Disciplinary Report:

Obviously the injuries to Casey and Pablo are going to be huge in this match. FSL is fairly healthy and is only missing Will Johnson to injury (he is also suspended). I expect some lineup changes in this one, but here's my best guess:

Kimura - Wynne - Moor - Wallace
Mullan - Smith - Larentowicz - Thompson
Cummings - Folan

The Nane-Larentowicz midfield pretty much failed at keeping possession last week so that has to change. Smith seems like the obvious choice. Nyassi proved to be a bit of a hothead last week and is probably better coming off the bench, so Thompson is the obvious choice to take Smith's spot outside.

Key To Look For: Possession, possession, possession. If we can't control the ball, especially in midfield, we're toast. We can't let FSL set up a shooting gallery like Dallas did last week.

Prediction: 2-0 Rapids loss. I think this is a first for me, predicting a Rocky Mountain Cup loss. I'm looking at our possession the last couple of games and the fact that FSL is playing at a high level right now and I'm not liking our chances. with Pablo and Casey I think we could pull an upset and have an expectation of a draw but without them I think a draw would be a very good result. If we get a goal early I think we can surprise them and get at least a point but the longer the game goes 0-0 or if we give up the first goal the worse our chances get.


Schmicker said...

You hate all things Pacific NW. How come you still root for the M's?

Jason Maxwell said...

Given their play I'm not sure. ;) But I love all things Pac NW, I'm just a bit tired of the Cascadia love when Garber says things like "We need to promote rivalries like the great ones in the Pac NW" just a couple of weeks after the league scheduled one of the best existing rivalries in the league for a Wednesday and a Friday night game this season. Feels a bit two-faced.

Schmicker said...

well the friday thing is all because of FSC. wednesday there is no excuse for

Jason Maxwell said...

Yeah, I wouldn't complain about Friday had the other leg been on a weekend but to put both legs on a weeknight (even if one is Friday) is just BS.

The Friday game is actually for ESPN BTW.