Monday, November 14, 2011

Expansion Draft Looms Ahead!

Today the Rapids released information about the expansion draft, namely which players qualify as internationals. That means its time for my take on who to protect.

Automatically protected under homegrown player rule:
Davy Armstrong
Josh Janniere - I'm not sure how he qualifies as homegrown for the Rapids, but maybe the status transfers with the player.

Internationals (Must protect 3):
Miguel Comminges - He seemed to lock down the left back spot once he showed up.
Danny Earls - He's the last man standing. Folan should not be protected and nobody is likely to take Smith given his ACL injury
Joseph Nane - As a Canadian he'd be an attractive target for Montreal

Remaining 8:
Conor Casey - Duh
Omar Cummings - See Casey
Kosuke Kimura - Possibly the most underrated defender in the league, and the heart and soul of the team.
Jeff Larentowicz - See Cummings
Pablo Mastroeni - I see this as a duh but many don't. I also believe, based on gut feel, he has a no-trade clause and must be protected anyway
Drew Moor - See Larentowicz
Sanna Nyassi - Toughest choice to make as there are 3-4 players (Mullan, Pickens, Wallace, etc.) that could be protected here. I think Nyassi is the best combination of likely to be taken and most damaging to lose
Marvell Wynne - See Moor

So that's the 11. Some tough decisions due to having to protect a couple of internationals we don't really care about. Maybe the Rapids can pull off another lat minute trade like they did last year and move some internationals off the roster.

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Jester said...

I think they have to protect Pickens. Montreal has signed their keeper from last year, but I don't see them passing on a proven MLS keeper. Especially one that has won a cup and has a low salary.

Once again, the 3 international rule hurts. The only one I would protect is Comminges. No one is going to select Smith with his salary and injury history. The rest can be replaced.

At this point I expect to lose Thompson. He seems to be the odd man out for protection, but played well enough last year to be attractive to an expansion team.