Monday, November 21, 2011

Rapids Reveal Protected List

Colorado just unveiled their protected list for the expansion draft:

Conor Casey
Omar Cummings
Danny Earls - International
Jeff Larentowicz
Pablo Mastroeni
Drew Moor
Brian Mullan
Joseph Nane - International
Matt Pickens
Jamie Smith - International
Marvell Wynne

You can see that the pictured Kosuke Kimura is not on the protected list. He's the big surprise. There's also a few raised eyebrows at Danny Earls being protected as one of the internationals instead of Miguel Comminges.

Personally I think protecting Mullan and especially Pickens over Kimura is a huge mistake. Koz is the most underrated defender in the league. I don't see how Montreal doesn't snap him up. My only hope is that there's some deal already worked out where Montreal takes him and trades him back for allocation money, similar to the pre-draft deal the Rapids worked out with Portland last year and Anthony Wallace.

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