Monday, April 30, 2012

Colorado Leaves The Goats Bleating

After a forgettable first half the Rapids got a lead and then blasted Chivas in the last 10 minutes of the game. The first 45 was a bunch of wasted chances and uninspiring soccer that the Rapids were slightly better at.  After the break Colorado didn't wait long to strike.  Off a corner in the 50th minute Cascio chested the ball down around the 6 on the far post.  After chasing it down he hit a slice into the far side of the net to give the burgundy boys a 1-0 lead.  After defending a set of 3 shots (including a couple of good saves from Pickens) as Chivas tried to level the game quickly the game settled down again.

In the 82nd minute the Rapids got the breakthrough that changed the game.  Cummings broke the offside trap and brought Hill with him.  After drawing all the defenders to him Omar played the ball to Kamani and he slotted it past the keeper for a 2-0 lead.  At this point Chivas folded and the home side took full advantage.

Two minutes later Larentowicz rounded the corner at the back of the penalty area only to get pulled back by the Chivas defender.  Ginger Ninja sold it a bit but got the call, then stepped up and put away his own penalty to give Colorado a 3-0 lead.  After a few frustrating minutes of not being able to stop the game so Casey could get his first playing time he finally got subbed on in the 92nd minute.  Is first touch was a shot on goal that forced a save.  His second was a off a rebound from a Mullan shot that a diving defender deflected back towards Hill who finished it for his 2nd goal of the game and a 4-0 final score.

My key to look for was possession.  Surprisingly we only had 46% of the possession even though it felt like more.  Even with having the possession advantage Chivas only got 4 shots on goal though, so the defense did their job.

Other Observations:
  • Koz was pulled at half and I can't say I disagree with the move.  He got beat a couple of times and hasn't looked good in the last couple of games.  Freeman didn't impress either, but setting the standard that there is competition is a good thing.
  • Great to see Casey back on the field, and getting 2 chances in as many minutes of play.
  • There was some fun being had in Class VI as Casey waited to come it.  We were yelling at anyone we could to get the ball out of play so he could sub in.  We had a good laugh about it.
  • Hill is the super-sub.
  • Another good game from Cascio.  I think I underestimated him when I said he'd be our best draftee since Freeman.  He might be our best since Adin Brown.
  • Cummings had another high and low night.  Great assist on Hill's first goal but still struggling at times.
  • Mullan is quietly putting together a nice run of games.  He's not showing up on the scoresheet but he's doing all the right things.
  • Castrillon and Rivero were both quiet this game, again.
  • This was the first 4-goal win in the league this season.
Player Of The Game: Matt Pickens.  There were a number of choices, but on a night where he tied the team record for career shutouts Jesus gets the nod.

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