Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Congrats Dave And Thanks!

I hope you'll let me divert for a bit to this wonderful article from  Dave Cameron was diagnosed with leukemia last July and while he won't be considered cured for another 5 years he's turned a major corner and is seeing very positive signs.

Dave's a few years younger than me but we both grew up in the Seattle area listening to Dave Niehaus (RIP) calling many bad (and a few good) Mariners seasons.  His blog U.S.S. Mariner, along with co-writers Derek Milhous Zumsteg and Jason Michael Barker, was the inspiration for this blog.   Their format of presenting the Mariners stats and drawing conclusions from them instead of going on "gut feel" is what I was trying to for the Rapids with View From The Couch.  I haven't been 10% as successful as they have but I keep on trying. ;)  I'm glad to see that Dave is doing better (and now appearing on the MLB Network!) and I hope everything continues to go well for him.  Thanks for the inspiration!

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