Monday, October 1, 2012

Galaxy Draw Down Rapids Playoff Hopes

A relatively dull game yesterday at the Dick resulted in a 1-1 draw and the removal of all but the faintest hope for Colorado's playoff possibilities.  The game started quickly with Rivero getting an early shot on target followed by LA getting two good chances, the second of which they converted in the 10th minute.  After Keane had a couple of attempts blocked right off his foot by Moor and Larentowicz, Sarvas first-timed the 2nd rebound into the far side of the net from outside the box.  Sarvas was unmarked but it was a laser shot that would have been hard to defend.

The Rapids didn't give up though.  Right after the goal Rivero had another close chance.  In the 16th minute Freeman crossed the ball in along the ground with Casey, Cummings, and Castrillon crashing the box.  The ball was behind Cummings (who appeared to be the target) but Castrillon was there to clean it up, knocking it home to level the score.

In the 29th minute Landon Donovan scored only to have it waived off for a foul he committed against Freeman.  On replay it may have been a generous call.  Freeman certainly got pulled down by Donovan, but only after Freeman had wrapped him up to start the play.  Probably a no-call would have been appropriate but a little home town reffing doesn't hurt. ;)

That was the closest LA got to another goal.  The Rapids had a couple of good chances including a great header by Drew Moor late int he game that Saunders had to parry over the bar, but for the most part it was LA parking the bus and the Rapids being unable to break down their defense.

My key to the game was defense and while there wasn't a serious error on the goal, LA didn't really test the defense either.

Other Observations:
  • Good solid game from the Rapids who outplayed the Galaxy for most of the game.
  • Zapata really struggled however.  He was beat regularly and his crosses were nothing to really get excited about.
  • Rivero's free kicks are sink or swim, either they're dead on or they're way off base.
  • His corner kicks leave a lot to be desired though, that's one thing Jamie Smith has over him.
  • Right before the called off goal Beckham was being his normal high-maintenance self on a free kick.  MLS refs need to stop putting up with that crap.
  • Right after the goal Donovan got a yellow for screaming at the ref for his call.  I did say it was a weak call, but you can't go after a ref like that.  The Galaxy need to dial their egos back a bit.
  • The only Galaxy shot that got close in the second half was a long one by Juninho.  LA really wasn't making an offensive effort.
  • The Rapids are still in the playoff hunt, barely.  If the Whitecaps win on Wednesday we're out.  If they don't we have to beat San Jose on Saturday or we're out.
Player Of The Game: Matt Pickens.  Made a number of big saves and stood out when the rest of the team played fairly average.

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