Monday, October 8, 2012

Rapids Sent Crashing Down By Earthquakes

I don't have the patience to spend a whole lot of time on this disaster of a match.  Needless to say after being 2-0 down in the first 10 minutes it didn't get better from there.  A 4-1 loss looks better than it was.

Other Observations:
  • Matt Pickens was subbed out in the second half due to a groin strain.  Those were the first league minutes he missed since missing a Rocky Mountain Cup match in Utah in 2010.  Ian Joyce got the start for that game.
  • That meant that this was the league debut of Steward Ceus.  He didn't have much to do, and was left stranded on the final San Jose goal.
  • Drew Moor is now the only player to play every minute of the season.  He continues to be the Rapids ironman.
  • Akpan's PK saved the Rapids from their first 4 goal loss since September of 2004 (a 6-1 loss in New England).  No team in the league has a longer streak without a 4 goal loss.  Houston, Philly, and Montreal, as expansion teams, have not suffered a 4 goal loss in their history but they all started after the Rapids last 4 goal loss.
  • Great move by the Rapids to combine the Terraces, it worked well.
  • I should say more, but yuck.  That really covers it all.
Player Of The Game: Nobody.  Everybody sucked.

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