Monday, May 13, 2013

Rapids Unship The Crew

Colorado played perhaps its most complete game of the season as they picked up a solid win in Columbus for the first time since 2004.  The Rapids got on the board early of a long clearance from Irwin that Buddle headed to Mwanga.  Danny saw Harris in the box and chipped it to him.  He was able to flick it into Buddle's path and Edson settled it and beat the keeper far post for a 1-0 lead after 8 minutes.

The Crew hand a number of chances early, including one just 22 seconds in, but couldn't convert them.  After the first 25-30 minutes though the Rapids really got control of the game and wouldn't give it back.  The stats don't show it however, as the Crew overall had more chances, but every real chance they got they either misfired or put it right at Irwin.  He didn't have to stretch to make a save all night.

Midway through the second half Colorado finished off the game.  Rivero served in a free kick from near the corner that pinged off a Crew defender as Harris took a swing at it.  The ball bounced out to Powers in the D at the to of the box and he took a low shot that deflected off a Crew defender for a goal.  At 2-0 and with the Crew not having many ideas the game was essentially over.

My key to the match was getting a shutout.  Achievement unlocked.

Random Thoughts:
  • Apparently only two of the four question marks to start was enough, my prediction of needing three of the four was a bit off.
  • Great to see Rivero getting his first start of the season.  We're going to need him to get through the summer.
  • Buddle's goal could have been waved off due to a hand ball.  Edson used his shoulder and/or upper arm to settle it.  There's no clear view to see one way or the other but its very close.
  • Arrieta should have seen red and not yellow for the arm to Moor's face.  It was similar to the hit Moor rightfully got red carded and suspended for in LA.
  • Buddle should have seen red for his tackle he got a yellow on as well.  No chance to play the ball and two-footed.  I wouldn't be shocked if both Buddle and Arietta get sat down by the Disciplinary Committee this week.
  • Our second 2-goal performance of the season was nice to see.
  • Hat tip to Harris for the assist on Buddle's goal.  He's been my whipping boy this year so its only right that I should point out when he does something good.
  • The Mullan experiment at right back needs to end as soon as Wynne is healthy.  He's gotten beat like a drum the last two games.  Something to look for in the summer transfer window.
  • Otherwise the defense had a solid and quiet game, which you like to see.
  • Brown really looked rusty after his injury, hopefully he shakes that off by next week.
  • For a guy who's supposed to be fast, Mwanga...isn't.
  • After our 0-2-3 start we're now 4-1-1 over the last 6 games.  Maybe the team is figuring it out?
Player of the Match: Dillon Powers.  OK, so I took the easy road and picked a goal-scorer but nobody stood out among the group in a good team effort and Buddle was ruled out due to his rash tackle.

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