Monday, May 27, 2013

U.S. Open Cup Round 3 Tomorrow

The Rapids left today for Orlando for their 3rd Round U.S. Open Cup match against Orlando City SC tomorrow.  We know that Dillon Powers, Tony Cascio, Clint Irwin, and Nick LaBrocca are travelling thanks to Chris Bianchi but the rest of the travel roster has not been revealed.  Game time tomorrow is 5:30pm MDT.  The game will be streamed live HERE with Orlando's announcers.

I never predict outcomes for USOC games as its hard to tell how seriously the club is taking the competition.,  Usually they aren't taking it serious at all.  For once though I agree with that stance.  We already know that, barring a miracle, if we beat Orlando we'll travel to Kansas City on June 12th.  Given our current league results I see no reason to risk our health and tiring out players to win tomorrow just so we can play another tough road game in two weeks.  If our bench players, reserves, etc. can win tomorrow then we'll know the quarterfinal draw before going to KC and we can decide how seriously to take that game.  If we lose tomorrow because of the decision, so be it.

Despite being a USL side (and thus, technically 3rd tier) Orlando might be the best non-MLS side in the country.  Not only that, but they were pushing had for that 20th team slot NYCFC just filled.  Orlando is going to want to prove they deserve to be at the MLS level by beating a MLS team.  We can beat them, even without some of our top players, but its going to take a great game.


Carlos Alvarado said...

Interesting thoughts.

I seriously wonder if you or any of your team fully understand what you are walking into tonight. Your team will wonder if they are truly playing a game in Orlando, Florida or in Eastern Europe

Anonymous said...

Considering most of them have played in places Portland and Seattle, and some of them have played against opposition in Mexico and Central America in the Champions League, I don't think Orlando's home atmosphere is going to be that much of a shock.