Thursday, June 6, 2013

Delayed Discussion Of Draw With Dallas

Apologies for the late recap.  I was out in Earthquakes-land at my company's other office for the first part of the week.  Since its so late I won't spend a lot of time on the recap of the game itself.  The first half was pretty benign with neither team getting a really good look.  The second half was probably fun to watch as a neutral as both teams were going at it, which resulted in 4 goals in 10 minutes.  The Rapids took the lead off a great long throw from Wynne into the box that Atiba Harris headed home, but gave it back almost right away when an Atiba Harris clearance in the box hit Wynne in the shoulder and fell right to Blas Perez who perfectly one-timed it into the far corner.  Just minutes later a long header from Klute found Harris unmarked at the back post and Atiba got his 2nd goal in 8 minutes.  Anything Harris could do, Perez could do better though as almost immediately off the ensuing kickoff Perez was able to corral a long ball that Moor misplayed and had all day to pick out which corner he wanted to place it in for his 2nd goal in just 5 minutes.  The Rapids pushed hard late in the game with a couple of good chances while Dallas was happy to settle with a draw, and that's what the got.

My key to the match was keeping Dallas from getting dangerous chances.  Dallas only had 2 shots on target, unfortunately they both went in.

Random Thoughts:
  • I've been slamming Harris pretty consistently this season, but over the last few weeks he's stepped his game up.  he gets a pass from slamming for a couple of games.
  • One small thing I will say though is that his clearance on the first Dallas goal was right to the center of the box, a no-no.  There's a reason he's not a defender though. ;)
  • Drew Moor badly misjudged the long ball on the second Dallas goal.  A backline leader like Moor can't make mistakes like that.
  • Chris Klute had another solid game.  I think the Rapids have settled the left back position, at least for this season.
  • Where did Wynne get a long throw like that?  Nice addition to our attacking options!
  • Shane O'Neill had a quiet game before heading off to the Toulon Tournament and (presumably) the U-20 World Cup.
  • Good to see Hendry Thomas out there, but the officiating did him no favors.  Clean but hard tackles from him were whistled early which threw him off his game.
  • The Buddle/Brown connection wasn't there this game.  Buddle was particularly quiet.
  • That's now 6 without a loss for the Rapids and 1 loss in the last 10.
Player of the Match: Atiba Harris.  2 goals, duh.

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