Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 Roster Review

We're sadly into the offseason, so its time for my annual roster review.  Here I separate players into categories of what I would try to do with them this offseason.  These evaluations attempt to reflect the realities of roster building in MLS, where its not easy to bring in a score of new players every season and you have salary caps to work with.  The good news is that this year there are significantly fewer "well, he's probably no worse than another option we could find" players.

Deshorn Brown - Duh, plus as a Generation Adidas player he doesn't even count against the cap.
Charles Eloundou - Gotta see what he can do.
Clint Irwin - Some may be concerned about a sophomore slump but I want him as the starter.
Chris Klute - Duh
Drew Moor - Not as much of a duh this year, but he is the veteran leader in the backline.
Shane O'Neill - Duh plus a homegrown player so doesn't count against the cap.
Dillon Powers - Duh
Vicente Sanchez - Sign this guy for 2014 now!
Dillon Serna - Homegrown status means he doesn't count against the cap.
Hendry Thomas - Play dropped off late but I still like his presence.
Gabriel Torres - Duh

Brian Mullan - He's given great service to the club but I think his time is up.
Jamie Smith - See Brian Mullan.

Keep IF They Return Healthy:
Diego Calderon - Hard to evaluate on only 3 games but I liked what I saw if he's healthy.

Keep Under Better Contract:
Martin Rivero - The Rapids shouldn't eat up $350K of the cap to make this guy a DP, but if they can extend his loan at $100K cap hit or less he's still got potential.

Keep Unless A Better Option Comes Along:
Nick LaBrocca - He does a lot of things good enough but nothing well.  Good utility player.
German Mera - Flashes of good individual skill but lapses as well.  He can get better though.
Nathan Sturgis - Had a great early season and then faded at the end.  He may have found a comfort spot here.
Anthony Wallace - Serviceable sub off the bench.
Tony Cascio/Kamani Hill/Danny Mwanga - These guys seem interchangeable this year,  Keep one of the three as a backup, my choice would be Cascio.

Trade/Sale Bait:
Jaime Castrillon - There were rumors prior to his injury that a team in Colombia wanted him.  If we could get something for him that would be a solid move.
Matt Pickens - I hate to say it, but Irwin is the future at the GK position and Pickens is too good and too expensive to sit the bench.  Somebody will want him.
Marvell Wynne - The team could find somebody to play RB almost as well for much cheaper, but somebody will want to take a shot on Wynne at CB.
Tony Cascio/Kamani Hill/Danny Mwanga - Whichever two you don't keep shop around for draft picks or an international spot.

Try To Trade But Probably Cut:
Davy Armstrong - Time's up on our first homegrown player.
Edson Buddle - Just go away and give us our cap room back.
Steward Ceus - Time for him to give the NASL a shot.
Brenton Griffiths - We need the international slot.
Atiba Harris - What he does well isn't something this team needs now.

Too Little Play to Evaluate:
Kory Kindle

That leaves the Rapids looking this offseason for a starting RB, a good backup keeper, and depth players, particularly in defense and defensive midfield.

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