Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prediction Review

Let's revisit my pre-season predictions to see how I did.
  • The team will struggle early as players figure out their roles.  With 3 tough road games in the first 4 we'll be lucky to have more than 4 points.  Even after that we've got tough games against Seattle, Houston, and FSL in April.
As expected we did struggle, with only 3 draws in the first 5 games before getting back-to-back wins in April before finishing the month with 10 points in our first 9 games.
  • Due to this tough start we'll be near the playoff positions most of the season but fall out of the running before the final push, much like last year.
I was off on this one.  We were near or in the playoff positions all season, but we managed just enough points to qualify, though our road form dropped off precipitously at the end of the year.
  • We will, however, win the Rocky Mountain Cup back, finally
Nailed this one.  Glad to finally have the trophy back.
  • More than one new-to-MLS player will claim a starting position this year and will be expected to be a starter going into 2014.
I technically missed this one because I underestimated the success of our newcomers.  Irwin, Powers, Sanchez, Brown, Torres, and with a bit of a stretch (since the only played 1-2 games last season) O'Neill and Klute all established themselves as starters.  Calderon appeared to be heading that way before his injury as well.
  • The USOC will be a moderate success, with the team doing well enough to finally host a game before being eliminated by another MLS side.
Swing and a miss.  We flamed out in the USOC as normal, sadly.
  • Buddle doesn't live up to his bidding, but does well enough to continue to start.
At least until Torres showed up as a DP at the end of the season Buddle was clearly the starter, but didn't play well enough to deserve that spot IMO.
  • As mentioned above, Harris will be the WTF signing of 2013.
Maybe its just me, but I still say WTF when I see him in the lineup.
  • Pablo retires at season's end, possibly announcing it before the final home game.
Well today's article on says he wants to play next year, so I guess that's a miss.
  • Despite missing the playoffs Bravo & Pareja will keep their jobs.
Well since they made the playoffs they'll certainly keep their jobs.

I'm calling this 66%, 6 right and 3 (Playoffs, USOC, Pablo) wrong.  A big improvement from 33% in 2012.

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