Thursday, March 13, 2014

2014 Season Preview: Predictions

OK, time to offer my predictions for 2014.  I did pretty well at these last year (6 of 9) but whiffed badly in 2012 (2 of 6).  Lets see if I can keep going in the same direction.

  • In Pablo's first year he struggles but does well enough at coaching to keep the fans on his side.
  • That said, we still miss the playoffs and its not in the final game of the season.
  • We also due to the home/away imbalance, lose the Rocky Mountain Cup.
  • That said, we have a coach who I think actually understands there's some value in the USOC and we finally make a decent run and host a game (hey, I've got to be right one of these years).
  • The Rapids will need to go shopping for either a target striker or right back by mid-season.
  • Brown will out perform Powers in their sophomore seasons but neither one will have anything looking like a slump.
  • Torres will win the team's Golden Boot.
  • Mwanga inherits the title of WTF (re-)signing of the season, though it won't be nearly as obvious as the last few years (Harris, Edu, etc.).
  • VDC will show he should be starting by the end of the season but there may not be room (depending on injury).
  • Sanchez continues to wow us as the best veteran outside-MLS signing this team has made in YEARS.

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