Saturday, March 15, 2014

Altitude Continues To Be An Embarrassment

The Rapids game just ended, a 1-1 draw.  Game recap coming by Monday.  Unfortunately Rapids fans didn't get to see the tense final minute as right at 4pm the feed was dropped, even for Richard and 'Celo in the studio.  We missed a chance by Henry saved by our rookie keeper and a tight chance by Sanchez to win the game.  The feed continued for people watching the game in NY so it wasn't a failure at the source, I don't know if the MLS Live or Univision Deportes feeds continued or not.

EDIT: MLS Live dropped, but illegal streams did not.  If MLS Live was just taking Altitude's feed (don't know if they were or not) though that might explain it.

Maybe its just a coincidence that Altitude had another show scheduled at 4, but I wouldn't be shocked if somebody at Altitude just assumed the game was over and shut down the feed without checking.  Even if it was a technical difficulty and not human error this is hardly the first time Altitude has screwed up a Rapid game.  Its embarrassing that it keeps happening.  Last year the Rapids really went out of their way to work on these issues, hiring Fleming because they were unhappy with who Altitude was using and publicly apologizing for Altitude's screw-ups (remember the "ASS" goal last season?).  Hopefully the Rapids can continue to put pressure on Altitude to solve these problems.

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Anonymous said...

And...why can't we send our announcers to away games? They should be there, experience the game live, and give us that perspective. Having them sit in a studio in Denver, while the game is going on in NY, is terrible production. Are they too cheap to pay for two more plane tickets and hotel rooms?