Monday, September 14, 2015

Just Two More Home Games To Go

I heard a lot of diehards saying the title of this post Saturday night.  Its been a long season and the DC game didn't make it much better.  Another attempt to park the bus for far too long failed badly and Pablo again failed to adapt on the fly.  Specifically his decision not to undo his 3rd sub after DC scored, instead pulling Doyle off for Labrocca in a game that multiple people in the organization (Fleming, Smith, Hinchey) identified as a must win should be one more nail in his coffin.

Not that we had any playoff hopes but after this game our chances are all but officially over.  We've got a 2.4% chance to make the playoffs according to SportsClubStats and we need somewhere between 12 and 14 points out of our last 18, only two of which are at home.  The Bodmer Line is now at 2.0 to 2.33 pts/game.  We could be officially eliminated before we play our next home game I think.

Man of the Match: Bobby Burling.  In a game where nobody really stood out and nobody played that poorly (except St. Ledger getting run over by his mark on the DC goal) I took the easy way out and picked the goal scorer.

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