Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dillon Powers On Trial With Reading

This morning The Sun reported that Dillon Powers is on trial with English Championship side Reading FC.  The English club is currently dealing with a couple of midfield injuries and could use the help.  It was just Friday in the Denver Post that Paul Bravo talked about how it was likely that they would be selling Powers sooner rather than later.  It looks like that time might be when the window opens on January.

Reading has been home to a number of Americans over the years.  Current Nats player Danny Williams is on the squad at hte moment.  Former Rapid Marcus Hahnemann played the majority of his career at Reding and Bobby Convey transferred from DC to Reading in 2004.  also current Rapid Kevin Doyle made 157 appearances for Reading in 4 seasons, scoring 55 times.  He's already tweeted that he hope it works out there for Powers.

Overall I think this would be a good move for Powers and, if the price is right, the Rapids.  Bravo is correct, we will be selling Powers sooner or later and I think he'd do better in the Championship than the rumored Serie A or Serie B transfer.  Assuming we can get value for him its the best move all around.  Just as long as he doesn't score or assist against Blackburn!

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