Monday, November 2, 2015

2015 Roster Review

Time for my annual roster review.  This is where I try to break down the roster with what I think the Rapids should do with each player within the realities of MLS's roster and acquisition rules, knowing that its a salary cap league.  This also assumes roughly the same leadership next season (Pablo/Lopez/Bravo/some offensive coach addition). The number after each player's name is their 2015 base salary.

F Dominque Badji, 50K - I would  plan to send him to Charlotte for 2016 but at the minimum he's worth another year of work
GK John Berner, 60K - Good quality backup keeper
F Kevin Doyle, 1.125M - I think with some sort of decent service and a whole season with the club he's easily into double-digit goals
F Charles Eloundou, 60K - Same rational as Badji plus I seem to like him more than most
D Maynor Figueroa, 100K - Best outside back on the roster
D Joseph Greenspan, 50K - The Navy will have their say but if  he's available we should use him
D Marlon Hairston, 80K - I'd like to see him get more playing time in Colorado than Charlotte at this point
GK Clint Irwin, 85K - Duh.  And give him a raise
D Drew Moor 258.5K - Duh.  There's a rumor that NYCFC is willing to greatly overpay for him.  If so then a trade might be worth it but otherwise he should stay.  And give him the captain's armband back
M Dillon Powers, 245K - If the rumored Serie A interest develops I could see selling him for a good price but short of that he needs to be installed as an every-game starter next season
M Juan Ramirez, 75K (plus transfer fee payment) - He's got some good skills but he need a lot of coaching
M Dillon Serna, 60K - He needs more playing time
D Axel Sjoberg, 60K - Another good find in the draft
D Sean St. Ledger, 125K - I liked what I saw, he wasn't perfect but we have greater needs than replacing him

Keep for now, be looking for an upgrade:
D Marc Burch, 110K - He's a little too expensive for what he brings.  If you could get him to take a pay cut to under 100K I'd move him to the Keep category
M Sam Cronin, 200K - Mainly because he's the best of our defensive mids but I don't love keeping him at that salary
M Vicente Sanchez, 210K - I know, he was great this season, but at his age and salary I'm not sure we should be building anything around him and if we don't I don't know how well he'll work with whatever offensive plan we see next season
M Marcelo Sarvas, 360K - Not nearly enough bang for the buck but I don't think he should just be cut.  Possible trade-bait
F Luis Solignac, 65K - Injuries derailed this season but I didn't see much out of him
F Gabriel Torres, 262K (plus transfer fee payment) - I don't know what to do about Torres.  Maybe cutting is better but I feel like there might still be something there
D Jared Watts, 60K - Just not a fan

Return from loan:
GK Zac MacMath, 130K - He's not worth the #2 overall pick to sit the bench
M Lucas Pittinari, 190K - Not good and rumored to have a very large (high-priced DP level) loan buyout

D Bobby Burling, 132K - we have to be able to do better than him, he's too much of a card magnet for that price
D Michael Harrington, 130K - Based on rumors I don't think he's happy here and I think the he and the Rapids will find a way to part ways
M Nick LaBrocca, 160K - I never liked having both him and Cronin on the roster and Cronin was the better option
D James Riley, 77.5K - Never should have come out of retirement

Unknown (not enough/no playing time):
M Carlos Alvarez, 70K
F Caleb Calvert, 65K

So that's 6 players to replace with another 7 to try to upgrade.  Not unreasonable for an offseason.  It also frees up 820K of salary cap which can be used for a number of players.

With that its time for a break.  This season has really worn me down.  I'll continue to update with any news the Rapids have but don'y expect any analysis or commentary for a few weeks.  I need some time to recharge.

Of course all that goes out the window if the Rapids do something major (DP signing, coaching change, executive change. etc.).

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