Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 Prediction Review

In my season preview in March I made a few predictions for the season.  Lets see how I did.
  • We're not really a playoff threat this season but we improve from last year's disaster.
Well we certainly weren't a playoff threat.  Technically we improved by .15 pts/game so I guess I got this one right but certainly not the improvement I was hoping for.
  • The winless streak reaches 17 games before being broken on Jameson Night
Missed it by that much!  The streak went 18 games before the 4-0 win in Dallas.
  • Pablo makes it through 2015 as coach and is not immediately fired after the season
Sadly I nailed this one.
  • We do win back the Rocky Mountain Cup in an upset, its a large part of why Pablo keeps his job
Not sure it was an upset and I don't think it made that much a difference in Pablo's job but we did win the Cup!
  • We host a USOC game but we still go losing a game we were favored in
We hosted the Switchbacks but I don't think we were favored in Houston, half right,
  • Doyle joins in July and proves to be a great, but too late, signing
May actually and I'm not sure he was great, but he was good.  He was also too late.  I'll take half credit.
  • Torres wins the team Golden Boot
Tied for second, one goal behind Doyle.  Close but no cigar.
  • Irwin or MacMath leaves at the end of the year if not before
I hope MacMath is out at this point  but its still an open question for now.
  • Ramirez turns out to be worth the young DP slot, but Pittinari returns to Argentina after his loan
Pittinari does need to go home but I'm not sure Ramirez proved he earned the DP slot.  He's worth more time though.
  • We go most of the season without a jersey sponsor, again
Missed on this one, I did not see Transamerica coming.  Kudos to the FO on that one.

Out of 10 predictions I think I got more than half right.  Not too bad overall.

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